WK Thomas


WK Thomas are an industry leading supplier of specialised food service packaging with over 50 years’ experience in both the travel and food service sectors.



Founded by Wynnifred Katherine Thomas in 1930...

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Today, WK Thomas operates from their purpose-built 7000 pallet centre; equidistant to their core business markets of Central London, Heathrow and Gatwick Airports.

By handling the purchasing, consolidation and distribution of their products, their customers are freed up to focus on their own core business.

The enterprising spirit of Wynnifred Thomas is as true today as in the 1930s.

Image credits to SAS Museum, Norway

Founded by Wynnifred Katherine Thomas in 1930, WK Thomas dates to being one of the UK's earliest suppliers of packaging products.

During the war, WK Thomas supplied products to the military, including the US Air Force bases in East Anglia and Suffolk; this forged relationships with manufacturers of food and drink packaging products, and catering supplies.

This became the catalyst for WK Thomas’ firm market presence seen today.

photo credit SAS MUSEUM, NORWAY 26818745706_d022653324_o.jpg