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WKT close the loop with new sustainable cutlery kits!

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WK Thomas has launched a new line of disposable cutlery kits available in a range of sustainable materials. Whether you choose to use recycled content or renewable resources our new options allow for a mix and match approach to ensure that your disposable cutlery packs match your sustainable needs.

 Over the past 6 months, WK Thomas and its manufacturer suppliers have been developing new ranges of cutlery and sealing films to address the need for more sustainable pre-packed cutlery in the food service and travel sectors.

 “We identified a need to source more environmentally friendly single use cutlery and to ensure that the packaging film and contents were equally as sympathetic. Offering customers both a recycled and a compostable option was imperative given the variety of waste streams that our customers were using” said WK Thomas Head of Design David Ellis.

 “As leaders in our sector, we have worked with our suppliers to source the newest products on the market and are delighted to be first company in the UK to launch a range of recycled cutlery made from 97% rPET.” rPet is a recycled plastic content and a key part of our reuse strategy around single use products. Recovering, Recycling and Reusing our valuable raw materials is key component of our sustainable future policy.  

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Also available from WK Thomas are ranges made from renewable resources. Natural birch ply cutlery and a range of cpla utensils are available should you wish to compost your cutlery with your food waste. Each of these cutlery options can be paired with a fully compostable paper of film wrapper, condiment kit and a sustainably sourced napkin.

To create the lowest possible carbon footprint, our cutlery is packed in the UK, supporting local British communities and reducing the impact on the environment by having it travel very few miles to its final destination.


The communication and the understanding of the environmental benefits of each option is becoming increasingly important with new government legislation on single use cutlery just around the corner. The WK Thomas team are on hand to share their expert advice on this subject and ensure that all customers are best prepared for the future.


WK Thomas Cutlery packs and sample kits are available now.

For more information see the full range online following the link below or contact us direct at enquire@wkthomas.com for a consultation