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First Glimpse of our new Bamboo Cups at WTCE Hamburg


Launching at WTCE is a WKT’s exclusive new range of disposable Bamboo cups. With the look and feel of a conventional paper cup, the Bamboo cup is ethically sourced and completely sustainable due to its use of natural pulp fibres. With growing concerns about the environmental impacts of conventional plastic lined paper cups, the Bamboo cup offers peace of mind to passengers, who can be assured that the cup is environmentally friendly, whilst providing an ideal serving solution for hot and cold drinks in 8,12 and 16oz’s.

 The bamboo cup is made from fast growing bamboo grass that requires no fertilizer and self-regenerates from its own roots. It does not need to be replanted and requires less water, pesticides and labour, making it a truly sustainable and environmentally responsible option. It is also lighter than conventional paper cups as bamboo fibre is stronger and therefore uses less material.

Come and visit us on stand 1D50

@ Hamburg Messe